Package Holiday Croatia – 6 Cultural Facts Every Traveller Must Know About Croatia

Package Holiday Croatia - 6 Cultural Facts Every Traveller Must Know About Croatia

You and your loved ones will have an amazing experience on your package holiday Croatia because it is one of the best holiday destinations to visit. Croatia is situated on the Adriatic Sea and it has a high tourism rate which was approximately 6.4 million visitors welcomed by the country in the first six months of the year 2018. These tourists are attracted by the medieval architecture, thousands of gorgeous islands, beaches and national parks and nature reserves that compose almost 10% of the land in the country. Therefore, you should definitely visit this beautiful destination at least once in your life.

However, here are a few important things you should know about the culture of the country before you plan your package holidays Croatia.

Package Holiday Croatia – The Sahovnica is Symbolic

Sahovnica means, ‘chessboardwhich is a historical symbol that can be seen on the flag of the country. This symbol is a distinct red and white checkerboard design which is also featured on the national sports teams’ jerseys. This design is also worn by the supporters and enthusiasts of the sport. In short, the sahovnica is everywhere in Croatia which has remained the same since the 10th-century. Therefore, when you visit the country on your package holidays Croatia you will see a lot of patterned items and clothes.

Independence is very Important

The people of Croatia have been very feisty about their independence because they were freed from Yugoslavia after numerous protests and riots. It was the first republic to get freedom in 1991, therefore, the Croats take their independence and remember their years of struggling in a very serious manner. Therefore, when you travel for your package holiday Croatia make sure you do not question the locals about their independence.

Football is Everything

The Croats are very passionate about football games which will be quite evident on your package holidays Croatia. This is because it is a source of inspiration and the will to make life better for people who live in small villages to big cities. Croats are very honest when it comes to football which leads them to run protests and riots in case of any kind of corruption or hold backs that may keep the team from excelling further.

Family Life is Comes First

During your package holiday Croatia, you will notice that the family life in the country is quite different as compared to the family structures in the rest of Europe and the West. The Croats believe that living together as a family is extremely important which is why children often live with their parents until they get married. It has been the way of family life since the beginning which is why tourists often find it a little unusual.

Regional Diversity

The regional diversity of the country is yet another important factor you should know about Croatia. The area of the country is not very vast but it has a rich and diverse cultural heritage. This diversity captivates the attention of every visitor and it is guaranteed to fascinate you on your package holidays Croatia as well. The people in Osijek, Dakovo, Split and Sibenik have very similar cultural values. However, the people in Slavonians and Dalmatians are quite different in terms of culture as compared to the people in the above-mentioned regions. You are guaranteed to have a mesmerizing experience if you set out to explore all the cultures in the country.


The people of Croatia take great pride in the gastronomy of their country because it is rich, healthy and flavourful. There are a number of mouth-watering cuisines in the country that are guaranteed to be a treat for your taste buds on your package holidays Croatia. The ingredients used in the Croatian food are fresh, healthy and they are prepared by following the Central European and Mediterranean traditions. You will also experience a slight traditional influence in the food items as you move from one region to another, therefore, make sure you do not miss out on all the famous cuisines in the country.

Final Takeaways!

Croatia is a beautiful country with lovely people, a beautiful environment, a stunning collection of architecture, exquisite food and so much more. Therefore, make sure you plan your package holiday Croatia with your friends or family whenever you can. However, there are a few important things that you should know about the culture of the country such as the facts mentioned above.


Author: Günstiger Reisen

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